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1038 East Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501
(814) 443-4701
[email protected]

Electrical Wiring Maintenance and Service
in Somerset, PA

Knupp Electric Inc. is Hardwired to Provide Quality Wiring Service

Knupp Electric Inc. has over 36 years of experience with electrical wiring and maintenance. Customers in Somerset County, PA, and Cambria County, PA, have no need to worry about being deprived of a skillful electrician to handle their wiring issues, whether it is for circuit boxes, lighting, machines, or other purposes.

When in need of a true expert to handle any wiring situations gone astray, call Knupp Electric Inc. at (814) 443-4701 or contact us online to get assistance right away.

Keep Your Computers and Phones Functional with Wiring Assistance

Wiring is a huge component to nearly any electrical system. It may seem basic, but wiring is an enormous part of the tech we use today. Telephones, computers, internet and ethernet, and plenty of other everyday devices function using wires. Without wiring installation and maintenance, you may lose a lot of the connections and means to contact and receive information. If there is an issue with the wiring in your home, office, or other business that you need solved right away, call Knupp Electric Inc. for a service call. Let the best electrician in Somerset, PA, handle your needs.

Circuit Boards and Electric Lines Optimized for Best Lighting Work

Knupp Electric Inc. takes care of every part of the lighting and electrical process. Our knowledgeable and experienced electrician will take care of installation, repair, and maintenance for your lighting units and fixtures. Knupp Electric Inc. specializes in wiring for circuit boards and lighting fixtures and generator repair to keep the lights running in situations where the power may be out. Any electrical service under the sun is possible when Knupp Electric Inc. is on the job. Knupp Electric Inc. also handles circuitry and boards to make sure electricity gets to all the lights in your home, business, or industrial complex. With Knupp Electric Inc. in charge, your lighting is perfectly installed and maintained for longevity.

All Electrical Services Available with Wiring Services

While wiring is a very important factor in electrical work and function, there are other aspects that may need attention and maintenance from time to time. Luckily, Knupp Electric Inc. will also attend to any electrical service, such as generator repair and maintenance, as well as tending to lighting and lighting fixtures for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Knupp Electric Inc. is your one-stop shop for anything and everything electrical-based.

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