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1038 East Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501
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[email protected]

Pool Heater
Electrical Service

Knupp Electric in Somerset, PA, is Your Electrical Contractor

Are you looking for pool heater electrical service in or around Somerset, PA? Knupp Electric Inc. has you covered. We are a leading electrical contractor in Somerset County and the surrounding communities. We specialize in electrical-related installation, repair, and maintenance services. And our team can reliably run the electrical service for your pool heater. Being in the industry for more than three decades, we proudly offer residential, commercial, and industrial electrician services. Our expertise and skill has earned Knupp Electric Inc. a great reputation. As such, you can expect excellent results when you hire us to run the electrical service for your pool heating needs. 

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Enjoy the Benefits of Using a Pool Heater

Below are some benefits of using pool heaters:

Extend the swimming season: Pool heaters help to keep your pool consistently warm so you can do some morning laps even in months when most pools are closed.

Increase property value: Installing a pool heater in your home increases its value. Most people like comfort and convenience. They will likely pay more for a home with a heated pool if you decide to put it on the market.

 Comfort and convenience: We all have our experiences with public pools. From uncomfortably low temperatures to high chlorine use, most are not fun to swim in, especially for kids. With a pool heater, you are in control. You get to control the water temperature, ensuring the pool is comfortable for you and your loved ones to use.

Knupp Electric Helps You Keep Your Pool Heated

Our team at Knupp Electric Inc. can help you keep your pool heated by running the electrical system to your pool heater. We have the experience and knowledge to give you the results you need and deserve. Knupp Electric Inc. proudly serves Somerset and Cambria counties.

Electrical System Repair and Maintenance

If you are not satisfied with your pool heater’s efficiency, be sure to contact us to check the electrical service. While different factors can interfere with your pool heater’s performance, scheduling regular electrical maintenance is recommended.

Trust the professionals at Knupp Electric Inc. in Somerset, PA,
when you need reliable pool heater electrical service.