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1038 East Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501
(814) 443-4701
[email protected]

Electrical Generator Installation
in Somerset, PA

Knupp Electric Inc. Makes Sure Your Generator is Functioning Correctly

Generators can be essential to keeping progress going when electricity is not readily available, or in the case of a huge storm or massive power outage. Whether you need to keep a business or location running during a stressful time, or keep the lights and electronics on in your home during an outage, generators should always work efficiently.

Knupp Electric Inc. helps by installing the electrical unit in generators for you, eliminating stress and ensuring an efficient job.

Call (814) 443-4701 or contact us online today to make sure your generator works effectively.

Free Estimates and Fair Prices Available from Knupp Electric Inc.

Knupp Electric Inc. provides high-quality work and customer service for electrical installation in generators, but at a fair cost. Knupp Electric Inc. provides free estimates on all services, including installing the electrical into powered generators. Get your free estimate today by contacting Knupp Electric Inc.

Wiring Repairs and Generator Maintenance Available

Lighting fixtures and electrical systems consist of several components, not just the source of the lighting itself. Knupp Electric Inc. handles all aspects of lighting so there is no need to worry about a job only being half done. You can expect quality work with everything including generator installation, wiring, and general electrical items. Lighting issues will be solved in a flash with Knupp Electric.

Prepare Your Generator for Emergencies with Knupp Electric Inc. Today